Wow the year flew, the 2019 CDbaby DIYmusician Conference in Austin is happening. Weve produced a record number of songs this year. Our bands have performed more shows, and the number of people collaborating is amazing. Spending the day building the new eMail subscription tool to keep folks more in touch! Sign up on the home page.


We will be attending the CDbaby’s DIYmusician Conference in Nashville (August 23-27), and the West Coast Songwriters conference in San Francisco (September 7-9). Perhaps see you there?


It's going to be a busy year. We have another Audio Terrorist album "Entertainment for the Day" and a number of new singles plus remixes on the way, we've finished mastering the latest Cuir Bleu single "Deliverance", remastered AnnieJ's Kraai album, just for starters. It's a great start for 2018.


Multiple new Cuir Bleu and Audio Terrorist single releases have already gone out in Q1 of 2017. See the Catalog page for many more.


We continue to release more music in 2016 than ever before. The support team for releasing the Kalib DuArte projects (Kalib, Audio Terrorist, Agents of the Muse) continues to grow. We've re-released all the Eric Wenger solo and collaboration albums (Eric Wenger, Zohreh+Wenger, and El Silencio Blanco). Stay tuned and watch the Catalog page for more.


Kalib's album "Brilliant Dreams" has been slated for mastering with a release date of Fall 2014.








Audio Terrorist - Spartan Tour IV announced. This is an A.T. karaoke based series of performances. See audioterrorist.com for details


Building on set one of remastered Audio Terrorist albums, we are working to re-release the catalog from the 2000's as well. See audioterrorist.com for details.


Audio Terrorist - Spartan Tour III tour announced. See audioterrorist.com for details.


Audio Terrorist - Spartan Tour II announced. See audioterrorist.com for details.


Audio Terrorist - Spartan Tour announced. See audioterrorist.com for details.


Work started on the rerelease of Audio Terrorist’s 2004 Hybrid album.


New lineup announced for Audio Terrorist: Kalib, Ty, J. Danger and Johnny on sound..


The Road Vikings debut album released and gigs booked. Follow them on Facebook!


Final art for The Road Vikings first album are done and the album is awaiting final distributor approval.


Music videos for Audio Terrorist’s “Caravan of the Soul” and “Who Are You?” from the album Glitch are available on YouTube.






Kalib's solo single "My Girl" is now available on iTunes.


Audio Terrorist's 2007 single "Caravan of the Soul" is now available on the band's website.


The new Audio Terrorist music video for "She Said I Am" by BJ West is up on YouTube.


All Asylum Arts bands have had their videos restored on YouTube.


Nevermynd's collaboration with Audio Terrorist is now available in on iTunes! Give  it a listen and make your New Year's eve complete.


Nevermynd's collaboration with Audio Terrorist is now available in the store! Give  it a listen and make your New Year's eve complete.


We've recovered from a massive data loss that happened in June. The restored  and updated studio is 90% done and we look forward to releasing more  recordings this fall, stay tuned!


If you are interested in the music industry? Getting your work out? Take a look at the User Generated Conference music track. The event will be  held next month in San Jose California. For more details click here!

*********************** 2008 ***************************************


Digital singles of cover tunes by Cuir Bleu and Audio Terrorist are now  available for purchase on the Store page. In addition all our albums are now available directly from Asylum Arts as high quality mp3™s .






All of the music videos can now be accessed on the Free page.


Eric Wenger’s Metatech is now available. This classic electronica recording  has been remixed by Eric for a version 1.1 release. Created in his award winning MetaSynth software - a program that has inspired hundreds of  electronica greats such as Aphex Twin - the album is work of dance art.  The buy now button is on the left.


El Silencio Blanco’s new fantastic album Misteriosa is here! Click on the  buy now button to the left to purchase it directly from us and begin  to enjoy this sensuous treat today.


El Silencio Blanco’s album has been release to the distributor. We’ll let you know when it hits CD Baby.


Updates: El Silencio Blanco’s album is now mastered and awaiting final approval  for release. Lee Presson (of Lee Presson and the Nails fame) has joined  Cuir Bleu and work continues on the new Audio Terrorist tracks.


Take a peek at www.musicresearch.com for Zohreh vs. Minus You Navai as well as El Silencio Blanco’s  first single, Diablesa. The tracks should appear in the next two  weeks.


El Silencio Blanco’s debut album Misteriosa continues to be prepared for release. Some required changes in the mixes have the teams in Paris and London working overtime to put the final touches in place.


Cuir Bleu’s new lineup has begun rehearsals for the summer/fall tour. Take a look at www.cuirbleu.com for more details.






In 2000 the Audio Terrorist song Spaces was recorded by four teams and  in all cases something happened that stood in the way of a final mix.

After eight years, Annikah is returning to the recording studio to complete  work on the Spaces single. We are honored to have her sing again for  Asylum Arts.


Audio Terrorist and Cuir Bleu combined to make the Feb 15th show for the Save Gobo benefit a success. Over $2k has been raised so far. Please visit www.savegobo.com and place a donation if you can.

update: It appears savegobo.com is down at the moment. Here is the text regarding the event:

Sean (aka DJ Gobo) has been promoting and encouraging the goth/industrial  scene in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area for decades. He was recently  diagnosed with Lymphoma. His prognosis is excellent and he is currently  undergoing treatment through Standford Medical. Please join us on this  special night and help him with his struggle.

If you are unable to attend please visit www.savegobo.com and donate what you can.

Please feel free to forward this announcement on to any lists or groups that would be apropriate.

If you would like to help distribute flyers, they may be found here www.savegobo.com/files


Cuir Bleu will be performing Feb5th, and Audio Terrorist on Feb15th!  Take a look at www.cuirbleu.com and www.audioterrorist.com for details.


*********************** 2007 ***************************************


Cuir Bleu will be performing January 1st at Edges at 8pm. See you there!


We are happy to welcome El Silencio Blanco, Zohreh, and Eric Wenger to the Asylum Arts label. The album mixes are done and now the mastering and  artwork need to be complete. Stay tuned as we release the albums,  remixes and videos in the coming months.






Happy Halloween!  Production has begun on a new Audio Terrorist video, plans  for Cuir Bleu show promoting Sex Toy are being dusted off, a new Album  from Eric Wenger is making its way from Paris and Agents of the Muse go into the studio this weekend to work on vocals for a new track. All in  all, a busy time. Stay tuned.


Cuir Bleu’s Sex Toy now available at Stormy Leather and Mr. S shops in San  Francisco. Stop by if you are in town and pick up a copy. All sales will be matched with a donation to the Folsom Street Fair.


Cuir Bleu’s full length CD Sex Toy is here! Copies have made their way to  all the online stores and CDBaby.com is stocked for orders. The CD takes off where Slip Away started

*********************** 2006 ***************************************

The release party at San Francisco’s SupperClub was fantastic. Thank you to everyone involved..


A new remix of Audio Terrorist’s single Mother has been posted to the A.T. Website - be sure to give it a listen!.


New Gig Date for Cuir Bleu!

Cuir Bleu will be playing Club Anton in Oakland on Wednesday night, August 30th. It’s a beautiful night club near Jack London Square, with a very nice hardwood dance floor and  plush lounge decor - come join us! Time and further info will be posted  as we have them... check in on the Cuir Bleu Gig Page for more details and other appearances!


Cuir Bleu is being featured on a NEW internet radio station, Radio Bisexual dot Com. Check out the FREE download of the Sex Toy mix, and see what the  station has to say about your favorite Electronic Rock band! We also  have songs in their weekend rotation - check it out!







All about Pride!

CUIR BLEU will be performing on the Main Stage at San Francisco’s 30th  annual Pride Celebration on Sunday, June 25th! Headliner Lisa Lisa is on at 4:30 following Jody Watley and Cuir Bleu takes the stage at 5:15 ~  come on out and join us! Check out www.sfpride.org/celeb/mainstage.html . The Main Stage is in front of the SF Civic Center, and is best accessed via BART or Muni. See you there!


Sneak Attack! A sneak preview of Cuir Bleu’s brand SPANKING new single, Sex Toy (Phone Sex Mix) debuted on Pirate Cat Radio's "Sneak Attack" May 15th - be sure to listen in to future shows every Monday night from 8-10pm!

For those not yet in the know... Pirate Cat Radio is at 87.9FM in both the  San Francisco and LA areas. Sneak Attack airs from 8:00-10:00pm... more  info can be found at www.sneakattack.us and at www.piratecatradio.com. Podcasts will also be available. Sneak one in!


Happy May Day! Cuir Bleu’s CD, Slip Away is now available on Amazon.com - check it out! We’re also pleased to announce the band’s presence on MySpace - come say Hi and listen to some free music!


Cuir Bleu is working on their next CD release, due to launch in February  2007. We’ll be sure to let you know as the project progresses!


Video for Cuir Bleu’s song “The City” is now available for iPod (video). Download it from the band’s Video Page!


Free ringtones from Slip Away - EP added to the music section. Check them out at www.cuirbleu.com/html/music.html.


Packaging for the re-issue of Slip Away is in the works, and we should have  copies ready for the band’s March 3rd appearance at Club Shadowplay in  San Francisco.





Pixie and Kalib spent the past weekend at the NAMM convention in Los Angeles, ogling music gear, schmoozing with vendors and planning the year ahead. Cuir Bleu’s EP, Slip Away is being prepped for re-release March 15th, with preliminary copies expected for the band’s March 3rd performance  in San Francisco.


Welcome to the New Year! Cuir Bleu’s first public performance this year will be on Friday March 3rd at Club Shadowplay in San Francisco. The band goes  on at 10:15 and admission is Free before 10:30, and $5 after. It’s  Pixie’s birthday party, so be sure to come and have some cake! For  further details, please see the band’s Calendar.

The first 2006 issue of Cuir Bleu’s newsletter, The Bleu Note, will be released shortly - if you’re not on the list, be sure to email Pixie to join - there are give-aways each month and info you won’t want to miss!

*********************** 2005 ***************************************


Happy Winter Holidays to everyone! We hope to see you all in the new year for more gigs and fun events!


Cuir Bleu news - Video iPod versions of Falling Through Mirrors and I’m Your Lover now available.


Got Bleu? Digital Downloads now available! Buy Cuir Bleu™s CD Slip Away for $.99/track  on iTunes! The EP is also posted on over 20 other online  digital download services including Rhapsody, AudioLunchbox and  TowerRecords.com.


Remember us when putting together your holiday gift list! You can show your  support for independent music by buying CDs from Cuir Bleu, Audio  Terrorist and other Indie Artists! Check out our CD orders page!








Club Shadowplay hosted Cuir Bleu™s first ever CD Release party at the Stud at 9th & Harrison in San Franciscos SoMA district.  We celebrated  with hors ouvres, give-aways, CDs, a full bar and great music from  10pm until 3am. DJ Donimo spun New Wave, Electronica & Disco Punk -  and of course, cuts off the new CD, Slip Away. There was a special Guest Performance by Cuir Bleu at midnight, and the album was well-received.  Thank you to all who made the evening such a success!


New CD Release! Cuir Bleu’s debut EP, Slip Away is now available on CD from CD  Baby.com! We’re wildly excited about this new album, which has been two  years in the making. Click here for more info on Slip Away! A CD Release Party has been planned for October 7th at Club Shadowplay  (at the Stud) in San Francisco. Stay tuned for more details!


This just in! Audio Terrorist’s 2000 album, Fracture, is finally available for download  from the iTunes Music Store. Sign in and download the album or your  favorite individual song.


Cuir Bleu has been confirmed for a gig at the 2005 Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco on Sunday, September 25th. Busy with the production of their album, Blue Leather, Cuir Blue has not left the studio to play  live since last year’s mainstage appearance at SF Pride. Come check out  the band and enjoy a day of wild fun! For more information, go to Cuir Bleu’s calendar page.


production continues on Cuir Bleu’s album project. While preliminary engineering brought the songs to a new level, Cuir  Bleu’s Review Crew recommendations included the need for further  exploration and work on several tracks. While this sets the date farther into the future, the band is committed to delivering the best possible  CD, and Asylum Arts is behind them all the way!


A white label version of Cuir Bleu’s album, Blue Leather, is now  available for review. For information on how to join the Cuir Bleu  Review Crew, contact Pixie by e-mail.