Started in 1984, Asylum Arts is an Independent record label located in Marin, California which has provided electronica and rock releases to fans for decades.

The entire album catalog for Audio Terrorist, including rarities from the 1980s, Cuir Bleu, Eric Wenger, El Silencio Blanco, Nevermynd, Kalib, Zohreh, and AnnieJ are available via CDbaby, iTunes, Amazon and more. Rarer releases can be found on our BandCamp site (asylumarts.bandcamp.com). Free recordings are available on the artist's websites or via YouTube. To find out more, check out our news, band, catalog, and about links pages.

Lastly, give a listen on the internet to our associated bands: No:Carrier, Lee Presson and the Nails, Midnight Sinfini, Auralincarnation, Detmach, Minus You, DJ MODA, Stream723, Hands on Black Earth, Antibiotic Orange, BR5AN, Enrapture, Racoons on the Moon, and Sandbox (Resurrection). Each have contributed to our artists' albums and/or remixes.

We hope you like what you hear!

Asylum Arts Team

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